Heritage Baptist Church began as a church plant with three families in October 1999. Since then the church has moved several times as the size of the congregation has grown. During this period of sojourning, the Lord continually provided for the church family in magnificent ways. By the summer of 2006 the church was beginning to outgrow the location in the basement of the WGB law offices in Woodstock, IL, and there was a need for more room for the teaching and preaching of God's Word as well as for ministering to the body. 

By the grace and kind providences of God, a few months later a church building was provided, situated on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley in the village of Greenwood, IL. The building was originally built by Baptists back in the 1840s. For a time the church held services for multiple denominations including a Presbyterian as well as a Methodist church. The latter then held services at the church from the 1870s to October 2005. Heritage Baptist's first Lord's Day services were held on October 1, 2006. 

The church body is grateful to Almighty God for this new location in which to worship Him, and is excited to be used of the Lord to preach Christ and Him crucified to the surrounding community. 

Soli Deo Gloria!






Soli Deo Gloria!