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Here you will find further resources and additional information on various aspects of the ministry at Heritage Baptist Church.
Evangelism & Discipleship Resources
While we firmly recommend the following sites because of their overall evangelical focus, there are some materials that we cannot fully agree with. Moreover, some of the authors may participate in denominations or events that we would see as out of harmony with the explicit and implicit teaching of Scripture on separation.
Christian Literature and Audio Resources
Mount Zion
Banner of Truth
Solid Ground Christian Books
Trinity Book Service
Gospel Literature and Tracts
Majestic Media
Fellowship Tract League
Doctrine & Philosophy Resources
Church Constitution (PDF* - 172 KB)
Includes information on the church's purpose, our covenant with one another, our articles of faith, and more.
NEW Membership Statements of Agreement (PDF* - 579 KB)
Church members should abide by and agree to the following statements and conduct themselves in accordance with them.
Philosophy of Ministry (PDF* - 155 KB)
Includes information on the church's philosophy of worship, evangelism and biblical separation.
Philosophy of Music (PDF* - 40 KB)
Includes information on the church's philosophy of music including: the priority, morality, balance, sanctity and excellency of Christian music.
Theses on Justification (PDF* - 99 KB)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ reveals the righteousness of God, which is apart from the works of the Law and is received by faith alone. This Theses seeks to bring attention to this apostolic doctrine upon which the church stands or falls.
Statement on Images of Christ (PDF* - 161 KB)
A brochure detailing the church's position on the use of images of Jesus Christ in public and private worship.
Statement on Bible Translations (PDF* - 36 KB)
Includes information on the church's view of the inspiration and preservation of God's Word, including philosophy of translation and text critical matters.
Statement on Alcohol (PDF* - 217 KB)
Includes information on the church's view of non-medicinal use of alcohol by members, including reasons for abstinence and common objections proposed.
Homosexuality and the Bible (PDF* - 123 KB)
A brochure detailing the Biblical teaching on homosexuality. Includes biblical condemnation, common objections and the remedy: justification by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Buddhism and Christianity (PDF* - 176 KB)
A brochure detailing the irreconcilable differences between the teachings of Scripture and the teachings of Buddhism. Includes comparisions of teachings on salvation and the eternal destiny of souls.
Toward a Fundamentalist Manifesto (PDF* - 41 KB)
A paper proposing at least four areas that define Fundamentalism: Catholic in Doctrine, Evangelical in Theology, Separatist in Stance, Ecumenical in Fellowship.
A Sincere and Earnest Censure of an Apostate Minister (PDF* - 35 KB)
An open letter to Mr. Dan Larson. Includes discussion on Authority, Ethics and the Gospel.
* PDF format requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader, available free.
Church Policies
NEW Facility Use Policy (PDF* - 70 KB)
Includes information on the church's policy on use of the church facilities by church members.
Health Policy (PDF* - 658 KB)
Includes information on the church's policy on health related matters, including nusery worker guidelines.
* PDF format requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader, available free.
Calendar, Weblog, Events, Announcements
View the church calendar to see what is happening at Heritage Baptist this month, visit our church weblog (offsite), read about recent announcements or view information and pictures of recent church events.
Visit the events area of the site to view pictures of special church events.
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